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  Restricted Drug Alteplase
(Visceral thrombosis)
Gastro-intestinal system - Unlicensed Medicines / Significant off-label use - 01.10
  Restricted Drug Alteplase
(MI, PE, Ischaemic stroke)
Cardiovascular system - Fibrinolytic drugs - 02.10.02
  Restricted Drug Alteplase
(Catheter Directed Thrombolysis (CDT))
Cardiovascular system - Unlicensed Medicines / Significant off-label use - 02.14
  Restricted Drug Alteplase + dornase alpha intrapleural infusion
(Complex pleural infections)
Short term approval only - Approved under evaluation - 21.01
  Restricted Drug Alteplase 25mcg/0.1ml intravitreal injection
Eye - Other -

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link in drug section NICE TA264: Ischaemic stroke (acute) - alteplase (02.10.02)