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Joint Formulary
4 Central nervous system
04-08-01 Phenytoin


NOTE: There is more than one monograph for this medicine, click here to search for formulary status and its use for other indications. 

Prescribe by brand when used for epilepsy.

Provider notes

  • NMUH: 
    • See link below
    • See Patient Safety Alert (injectable phenytoin)
  • RFL:
    • No restriction stated
  • RNOH:
    • No restriction stated
  • UCLH:
  • WH:
    • Caps 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg. Phenytoin suspension 90 mg in 15 ml = Phenytoin sodium capsules 100 mg
Link  NMUH: Trust Guidelines for Prescribing/Administering Intravenous Phenytoin in Adults

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